We do things differently at Up Financial - and we are very proud of that.



We have a vision of impacting our industry and transforming what financial planning means to our clients.

After evaluating our past experiences in the financial sector, we decided to create something different.


We pulled from our diverse backgrounds, education, and experiences, and agreed on the following:


  • You can't give good advice with bad information - we can never stop educating ourselves.

  • You can't create adhesion in a plan if you don't know why someone wants it in the first place - we need to establish deeper meaning and connection with clients.

  • You can't get clients to their goals without using best in class solutions - we will never be swayed, incentivized, or held captive.



   Elijah Kirchmaier Director, Private Wealth Consultant

   Nathan Wood Director, Private Wealth Consultant

   Kirsten Shaffer Client Relations Manager