Protecting the Bottom Line


Blue Collar, White Collar, Entrepreneurs; we work with top businesses who are looking to protect their ventures and the people who build them.

•    Group Benefit Plans
•    Key-Person Protection
•    Buy/Sell Agreement Funding
•    Shareholder Agreement Funding
•    Executive Coverage
•    Succession Planning
•    Corporately Owned Insurance


Increasing the Bottom Line


•    Group Retirement Plans
•    Corporate Portfolio Management
•    Tax Minimization Strategies
•    Individual Pension Plans


Tax Planning


Our strategic partnerships with Chartered Accountants provide our clients the most up to date and important tax information. Looking for a new accountant? Look no further!

•    Corporate Tax Planning & Compliance
•    Incorporation Services
•    Estate Freezes
•    Attestation Services
•    Management Consulting
•    Corporate Reorganizations
•    Tax Minimization Planning




We also maintain strategic partnerships with lawyers of varying expertise to ensure that if you need Legal Planning, we can help.

•    Unanimous Shareholder Agreements
•    Buy / Sell Agreements
•    Corporate Restructuring & Reorganization
•    Succession Planning
•    Trust Planning
•    Corporate Law