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I remember reading a news article a number of years ago about a 29 year old father of two, who passed away after being hit by a drunk driver on his way home from work. I remember thinking about how hard it would be on the mother, who was on maternity leave, and how, due to the father not having any insurance, they were setting up a GoFundMe to attempt to make ends meet. I looked up the page and, after donating $50, it was topped up to $19,200. After a few more weeks, they finally broke $30,000; enough to pay the father’s final expenses and a few months income replacement. It simply wasn't enough.

As is the case with so many young parents who are overwhelmed with work, family, budgeting and other obligations, we tend to think there is always tomorrow to worry about these risks.

This never really left my mind, and after a friend of mine found themselves in a similar situation I realized I wasn't doing enough to reach out to people and stress the importance of having a plan in place for their family. This young man passed away at 30 due to a freak accident at work. Same story; mom left alone with a new baby, without a plan and without protection other than the generosity of strangers, family, and friends.

Our Family First event is intended to give everyone an opportunity to actually do something about it. A chance to learn about what is needed, and then a chance to take the steps to make sure you, your partner and your children are cared for no matter what happens.



- Nathan Wood, Partner



We will be hosting a free public educational seminar for young families that will provide them with the financial knowledge they need to feel confident for the road ahead. No product, no sales, no B.S. - just practical education for your situation.

In the weeks following the seminar, we will be hosting workshops where you can take the time to implement any solutions that you see fit for your situation. You can signup for these workshops at the seminar, and commit to a time to sit down and knock these items off of your to-do list.


If this sounds like something you and your spouse could get some value out of, please click the link below to learn more and to register for the event through Eventbrite.