Wealth Management is about so much more than just managing your investments.

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Wealth Management

Creating cohesion, efficiency and simplicity between all the disparate parts of your financial life.


Investment Management

Our investment philosophy is simple: The world’s best asset managers don’t manage million dollar portfolios, they manage billion dollar funds.

Our team builds portfolios using best-in-class funds managed by world class fund management teams so that you can be confident in your future. It’s simple, smart and extremely effective. When you take away the bias of “house” products the answer is easy.

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Tax Planning

Tax planning is about more than just looking back at your previous years earnings and finding savings available. It’s about looking ahead and planning for future tax liabilities. In looking ahead you can save unnecessary taxes simply by properly planning. Every strategy we implement is time tested, compliant and most importantly effective.

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Insurance Planning

It’s not just smart to plan for the what-ifs in life, it’s essential. A proper financial plan isn’t complete without risk management. Complete a proper risk assessment with a Certified Financial Planner® and determine how much and what type of coverage you need. We’ll then compare what you need to what you already have. We’ll explain to you all the types of coverage you should have and then recommend either increasing coverage if you’re underinsured, reducing coverage if you’re overinsured, or replacing coverage if you have the wrong type in force.

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Estate Planning

Who, What, When & How are the big four questions that estate planning answers. Everyone has an estate, but it’s up to you to decide how you want to leave your final gift. Having a will is the first step, but it’s not a plan. We believe that you don’t owe anyone anything except having a managed, executable estate and that your final wishes are properly acted upon.

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From the most basic to the most complicated financial situations, we’re here to answer your questions and ensure you’re heading in the right direction. It’s about getting your financial house in order, and keeping it there for life!

Do I pay down debt, or put money towards investments? How much should I be saving for retirement? How do I create an income once I retire? I’m worried about my disabled child if my husband and I pass away. I feel like I’m paying way too much in taxes. I think my investments are doing well, but are they?